8 thoughts on “Colosseum

    • It just looks odd, uninterested, don’t what it is. I can think of a thousand reasons not to do it. And yes, under the right conditions you probably can take very beautiful photo’s with a tablet or smartphone (read this about Instagram pics making it to Sports Illustrated) but I think I’ll rely on my trusty old camera.

      • Thanks for the link! I am not saying one can’t shoot good pictures with a smartphone: it’s actually a great option IF you don’t have your camera with you. But what kind of tourist takes a journey without a camera?
        Moreover, a tablet is a small version of a computer and that is how this kind of tourists look like: not interested enough in what they are visiting (as they are wandering around without even a small camera), waving computers in the air to spend the time!:)

      • That is an interesting vision; a tablet being a small computer. I haven’t thought about it that way. And yes, sometimes it almost looks like a game who takes the most pictures.

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