Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

  1. Thanks for sharing your image.

    Thought – I would prefer to see less sky that would place the focus on the beach and the people. In fact, I would like to see this cropped about 1″ – 2″ above the background factories. Or, you could crop slightly more off the bottom of the shot. Just curious what it would look like?

    • Hi Rick. Thank you for your feedback. I cropped the picture with just some space above:
      Crop 1
      It is too much beach/sand for my taste.
      Cropping it the other way around changes the focus to the people om the beach. Good point!
      Crop 2

  2. I love the colors, and how the dark people on the beach pop out from it. I agree that the last one certainly brings more focus to the activity on the beach I hadn’t even realized there were horses until that one! Great shot!

    • Hi Jessie. Thank you for your feedback. To be honest, for me the photo has always been the sum; the clouds, the beach, the industry and the figures on the beach. I hadn’t looked at them closly before Rick suggested a different crop. And no, I hadn’t seen the horses before either.

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