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Heb afgelopen dinsdag een redelijke update op mijn portfolio site gedaan. De fullscreen diashows hebben nu navigatie: pauzeren en zelf vooruit- en achteruit spoelen behoord nu tot de mogelijkheden. Hopelijk maakt dit de site wat gebruiksvriendelijker. Er wordt gebruik gemaakt van WP Supersized voor de fullscreen diashows en NextGen Gallery om deze (zeer gebruiksvriendelijk!) te vullen.

Last Tuesday I did a major update on my portfolio site. The fullscreen slideshows now have navigation: one can pause, fast forward or go back a slide. Hopfully this makes the site a bit more user friendly. Plugins used to accomplish this WP Supersized for the fullscreen slideshows and NextGen Gallery to fill these (in a very simple way!).


2 thoughts on “Update portfolio site

  1. I like the site but I thought that you needed to know that some images load slowly and flip to the next one before it is fully loaded. It may be the speed of my connection or the size of the photo. I’m still getting images that are larger than my screen can handle. Those images are cropped with part of tops of heads missing. I’m using a 13″ MacBook Pro with 4 g of memory. The computer is about 2 years old. When I loaded your site, I could not get rid of the logo. It sat on top as the photos flipped behind it. I clicked on the menu above and the logo disappeared.
    I realize that this is bit frustrating but ….

  2. Hi Tim. Thank you for your feedback. I checked the images and some are indeed a bit on the heavy side. I reduced their size now. Missing heads is no good. Can you tell which one?
    The logo should be visible on the home page, the contact page and on the cv, links and copyright page there is a grey box about the same size, so that is okay.
    HTML coding and website building can be fun but not with all the problems you face with different browsers and operating systems.

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