Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon

Ben niet zo van de HDR. Vind dat het te extreem gebruikt wordt en het er erg onnatuurlijk uitziet. Maar goed, heb me er ook aan gewaagd. Dit is een foto (of eigenlijk 3) die ik gemaakt heb tijdens een workshop Nachtfotografie. Hieronder het ‘origineel’. Overigens is de foto nabewerkt met DxO Perspective en de Nik Collection.

I am not a great HDR fan. I find that it is used to the extreme and makes photos very unnatural. But here I tried it myself. This photo (or actually 3) was made on a Nightphotography workshop. The ‘original’ is below. Postprocessing was done with DxO Perspective and the Nik Collection.



3 thoughts on “Miss Saigon

  1. I agree with you. In most cases HDR photography can push the bounties of realist photos beyond reality. However, your photo of Miss Saigon works because of the high contrast between each individual photo.

    • There is actually a whole story (about photography and HDR) about this photo.
      I took this photo while on a night photography workshop. The workshop started with some tips and tricks. There was a group of about 12 people. One of the first things the teacher said, is that we had to change the light metering setting. People started unpacking their camera’s and you wouldn’t believe the camera’s some people had; mid range and high end Nikons and Canons. Fine by me but half of these people didn’t even know HOW to change that setting.
      Next there was a question from someone about using autofocus while in the dark, that it was hard and his camera couldn’t handle it. So the teacher said, ever considered using manual focus? It was like he did an indecent proposal.
      So at the end of his talk the teacher said one could use HDR in difficult conditions. So he asked, do you know what HDR is? Well yes, 8 hand went up, of course they knew that…

      So, that is the state of photography nowadays; basic settings, auto focus and loads of HDR.

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