Les, Anja en Tom



5 thoughts on “Les, Anja en Tom

  1. Jeroen, this is a strange photo as the upper corner looks less than a 90% angle. The room looks narrower than it should be. Is that due to a very wide angle lens being used? It may not make any difference but the woman’s boots look terrible. Are the dirty?

    • Indeed the photo and room are distorted by the wide angle lens. Funny that you always notice something odd in my photos. Hadn’t seen the boots. I think they are su├Ęde and the light does something with it. That or they are dirty :-D

      • I hope you don’t mind my comments that I “notice something odd”. I spent almost 20 years in the museum field with most being in the visual arts. My wife Jane Ingram Allen is also a visual artist. I would guess my experience and training has a lot to do with how I look at images. However, it’s easier to look at other’s than my own.

  2. My wife looked at this photo and suggested that you consider cropping to just below the woman’s left hand. Considering the portrait paintings don’t show the full figure it might be OK. It would also remove the distraction of the blue rug.

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