4 thoughts on “Repetez

    1. Thank you! Before WordPress I used another blog site, dunno the name anymore. Anyway, I posted a photo every day(!) and most where made with the RetroCamera app ( If you dig deep enough in my WP blog, you can find them. I reposted this one (and the next few that will follow next week) because I’m renovating a house where I’m going to life in with Petra. So no time for new series. They will come in April.

      1. It does look like an interesting software. I’ll try to find time to look at it more. As with you, I’m busy but not with construction but preparing a lecture on the U.S. involvement in China and particularly with the Republic of China I’ll deliver it to a university while in Taiwan.
        I hope you are working inside. Outside work at this time of year would be brutal. Hopefully you’ve have pictures.

      2. Hmm, the software is a bit outdate and haven’t been updated in a long time. I, as for everybody, use Instragram now (and then).
        Giving lectures sounds much better than lay laminate flooring, especially in Taiwan. Sounds great! When and how long? Like you said, hopefully you’ve have pictures!
        BTW, working outside wouldn’t be that bad now, the winter is very mild winter this year. Haven’t seen any snow this winter in the Netherlands.

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