Festival Pal Mundo – SilverDome – Zoetermeer


3 thoughts on “Festival Pal Mundo – SilverDome – Zoetermeer

    • Yes! And two more festivals to photograph to come. This one was very nice; a Latin/Caribbean festival. Both the music and people were lovely and I had a great time being there.
      Unless the festival is outside, I always use flash. But I also use a very long exposure (1/15 to 1/30) and high ISO to get some background colour. Actually, I also use flash outside to flash out the sun, hard shadows or to photograph against the sun. Problem is that I have a new camera and my old flash isn’t compatible anymore, so I had to mess around a bit to get things right.

      • I’m pleased we’ll all see some new work. Flash is something I’ve not experimented with and something I need to learn more about. Ouch on the compatibility issue. I hope you get that resolved without huge expenses.

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