Fire in the sky (on request)


Voor epverbeek


5 thoughts on “Fire in the sky (on request)

  1. Wonderful with the tower to the right, church tower in the middle and the almost silhouetted house on the left. Those really increase the impact of the sky. Great eye.
    Upon whose request?

    • The last few days we had some beautifull sunsets here in The Netherlands. epverbeek1963 daily posts pictures of the weather from where he lives (Zeeland, the southwest of The Netherlands). Last Tuesday and Wednesday had some spectecular sunsets so I commented that I looked forward to his photos. He commented back that he wanted to see sunsets from where I live (Gouda, that’s in the west somewhere in the middle). Coincidentally I took this picture Wednesday, mainly because of the colours of the clouds. Made it from the car while waiting for the traffic lights.

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